Scaring off the creative Goose…


Chris v Rob is a Lambyweb Production. Lambyweb is an as yet unlisted private operation, owned managed and promoted by a very serious animator. Oh, and he happens to thirteen years old.

“There’s money in them there hills” seems to be the resounding phrase of the moment, and in this analogy, the hills are the imaginations and creativity of our young people. Today, Google paid $1.65 BN for a very new kid on the block – YouTube . This is a “social networking” site where the young (and everyone else) can gather to view, critique, upload and engage in home produced video shorts. Films filmed by us, for us, with no higher agenda than simply to be noticed – a small flag in Cyber Space.

That was until today. Google has said it is potentially keen to share in the revenues it hopes to generate with advertising on the site, with those key filmmakers who prove the biggest draw. In one fell swoop, the innocence and carefree attitude of the site has been changed. We wait to see if this proves significantly detrimental to the site, in fact it could conversely create a legion of Minnelli’s (both Vincente and Liza with a “Z”), Truffaut’s and Scorsese’s. However, intimacy and atmosphere are crucial to these hybrid networks. They can easily become overwhelmed with corporate polish and presence – a presence many young people will run a mile from.

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