Our aim is to secure roles that utilises our existing skill set in both applied business technology and broader industry, in both a strategic and operational setting. It has often been vital that we get up to speed in radically different sectors, as cross-sectoral business economists, from Third Generation Telecoms to capital investment and project appraisal. It is these skills and adaptability that we feel will provide advantage in any new environment.

Equally, as a programme directors, we have achieved:

Successful completion of million pounds plus in fees project

Integration of multi disciplined consultants

Timely outcome, with increased prospect of new business.

Extensive strategic input

These conclusions have been based on identifiable competencies, including international effectiveness and an entrepreneurial approach – we would hope to build on these core skills. Having worked across borders, we eagerly anticipate new sectoral challenges. Indeed, the opportunity to influence business direction at an early stage has often been both afforded and embraced.

This experience has from the outset, invariably been gained at the highest reporting levels. We are keen for this record of excellence to continue, and look forward to contribute to your assignment demands.

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