“What are economists for?”

A succinct reblogged piece, nice intro!


‘Worth everything’: America takes in total solar eclipse from coast to coast

‘Worth everything’: America takes in total solar eclipse from coast to coast


Why I left physics for economics

Good piece, from a personal perspective, of a scientist who switched careers, and speaks of the increasing interdisciplinary of the subject:

Why I left physics for economics

BE environmentally moral to save the planet

Principles, policy and participation – using Behavioural Economics in environmentalism.


How Kenya can industrialise in 5 years

Interesting distraction on another day of terror in London


50 greatest breakthroughs since the wheel…


“Uber Shows How Not to Apply Behavioral Economics”

A great little piece, reblogged:

The dark side of nudging? – http://wp.me/p16KFj-iR

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