A Senior Economist with a wealth of experience working for clients across industries and geographies. A lengthy exposure to all aspects of applied economics including network utilities; labour market policy; entrepreneurship, political application and pragmatic policy read across; mobile communications development and auctions; energy sector. The practical appreciation of economics applied to business strategic outcomes.


C-Suite Experience: Achieved 1 BN Euro payment secured from European Parliament, and UK Government, after my economic assessment accepted at the highest levels. Chaired a Westminster Think Tank for three years, hosting Cabinet Secretaries and making international recommendations on poverty.

Micro Economics: Network analysis including the interplay with engineering to achieve operating capital expenditure. Industrial Economics techniques, including mapping externalities. Utility functions methodologies in a business setting.

Business Strategist: Originally from a policy framework background, giving a flexible yet adaptive and intellectually rigorous approach, incorporating scenario planning. Pre-emptive and adaptive solutions to change. Implementable, providing routes to sustained profit enhancement.

Commercial Projects: Cost reduction through supplier analysis; logistics’ sourcing; aspects of six sigma methodology. Commercially scalable and benchmarking proposals. Presenting to Board.

Competitor Analysis: New entrants; marketing effectiveness; commercial advantage and speed to market. Comparable delivery analysis. Full market lifecycle appraisal, vis a vis bespoke competitors.

Regulatory and Infrastructure: Regulatory environment has become congested – with regulators. Proposals now necessary for navigating “Regulatory Capture”. Surviving whilst compliant, fulfilling public service obligations whilst allowing scope for growth in new markets. Competitive offering.

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