Telecoms Experience Sheet

LEAD BUSINESS PLANNER, UPC PRIORITY WIRELESS / ERICSSON: Wireless Local Loop / Broadband Wireless Access license implementation in Finland. Involving market segmentation analysis and planning; business analysis – sustainable revenue identification; market development strategies for a leading Pan European Telecoms company. Focus on developing market presence and growth in this new technology area. Budget financing appraisal: new market sector so start up costs on initial build needed greater consideration than established market arenas.

LEAD BUSINESS PLANNER, UPC PRIORITY WIRELESS / ERICSSON: NETHERLANDS based roll-out of competitive positioning for United Pan-European Communications (UPC), division Priority Wireless, for gaining license under 3G (“Third Generation”) mobile phone auction/beauty contest, across Europe. Primary focus as Process Lead for acquisition of license in France; involving benchmarking technology’s; internet consumer/business services appraisal; CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) and OPEX (Operating Expenditure) optimisation, and vendor partnering. The reconciliation of technical parameters and business planning objectives. Budget reconciliation analysis – revenue streaming for various “take-up” scenarios, and advice to telecoms planners based on these profiles. This work was completed in conjunction with Ericsson, acting as infrastructure implementer.

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