MBC lobbies William Hague

 This week was a bit hectic to say the least…On Monday we met both William Hague and Carl Bildt, the Shadow Foreign Secretary and former leader of the Conservative Party, and former Prime Minister of Sweden, respectively.

I used the opportunity to quiz the Rt Hon Mr Hague about representation of different demographics in the UK Parliament – notably UK Asians. I am Anglo-Asian, and I’ve always felt strongly about seeing greater representation of a naturally conservative group of people, in the House of Commons…. The seminar in which this meeting took place was to review the Conservative Party’s approach to security and energy issues, and was a very fruitful day.

Later in the week, we presented a rationale for the adoption of Triple Play entertainment and communication services, through the medium of a mobile telecommunications network – a relatively novel idea! Interesting – we must await the outcome!

Time to kick back slightly and look forward to the Bank Holiday…

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