Learning from the Great Depression – a Marxist perspective

As an undergraduate, I spent 6 months learning Marxist Economics. I was enthralled, it was imbued with romanticism. It helped my learning, substantially, and made me a better Classical Liberal. 

Sadly, much of this approach has fallen away, but it should be required reading – and thinking (if this sounds so good, why doesn’t it work?)…


US$, Treasury yields jump early Wednesday on Fed jolt as Trump speech looms

US$, Treasury yields jump early Wednesday on Fed jolt as Trump speech looms – http://wp.me/p8tpVE-2c

Maths and Economics… Again!

Economics — confusing mathematical fantasy with intercourse between research and reality – http://wp.me/p1qGxA-bGo

Robotics are the future: Should we be afraid?

Robotics are the future: Should we be afraid? – http://wp.me/p7V97E-5D

Determinism and predictability – a methodology:

Determinism and predictability – http://wp.me/p12Elz-5Nj

“Can settlements which are home to fifth-generation migrants be called ‘informal’? We need to transform our perception of these neighbourhoods,” 

What’s a slum? In India, Dharavi’s thriving informal economy defies the label | Reuters – http://wp.me/p28XlK-3U7

China – Rich province, poor province:

Rich province, poor province | The Economist – http://wp.me/p28XlK-3Sl

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