Don Johnson and mafia politics

What is currently happening in British politics is more suited to Latin America, or Italy, with cartel or Mafia leadership.

Don Johnson wants to assert his supremacy over the five families, and in Dominic Cummings he has the most lethal Capo of all. A guy so well drilled, he can only see the endpoint, and not all the carnage caused en-route…

There are acres of newsprint already dedicated to the minute intricacies of Westminster vs European manoeuvrings so I don’t intend to elaborate further here. The phrase, “A Very British coup” seems as ill placed as it could ever possibly be. This is not a very British coup – it is a Latin American guerrilla government, operating with a tactical lethality that would be impressive to behold if we were watching it from afar, which sadly we’re not.

It’s been said for many years now that the Conservative Party would sell tickets to a public display of them eating their young if they could, but the fact that they’re eating their elder statesman is a turn of events few could have foreseen. Thankfully the elder statesman are not intending to go quietly, and in the guise of Ken Clarke and Philip Hammond, they are proposing what seems a quite sensible delay to what seems to be our flinging ourselves off a cliff. Depending on how European you consider yourself to be, determines how high that cliff seems to be and the state of the waters at the bottom, but venturing further into this analogy would take us into the minutiae I have been so far avoiding.
At least in a Banana Republic there are bananas. Here they’re stuck in a lay-by outside Dover waiting for customs clearance.

Damian Merciar

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