Murder in the name of Jesus?

In all that is in the name of Holy – how can one justify the calculated murder of 84 people? The deliberate targeting of young, idealistic innocents? To pick people off, with a rifle – when they are not the enemy, they are not armed, they are not engaged in the war you believe you are fighting – all this beggars belief, and suspends our view in the God given hope that all mankind holds dear.

Norway is a peaceful society, for many years seen as the model of an idealised, albeit State heavy, society. One that ranks highest in the UN’s Human Development Index. One cited as a model for many others to follow.

These killings show again clearly that killing in the name of God are nothing other than murder and in this case on an industrialised scale. Fundamentalism, in any guise, is the sanctuary of the deluded. It is left to the families mourning their loss, and the society searching its conscience, to make sense of this murderous act.


Author: Damian Merciar

Damian Merciar is Managing Director of Merciar Business Consulting,, a niche business economics consultancy founded in 1998. He has over twenty years experience in the areas of commercial Business Strategy. He is experienced in the transition environments of nationalized to private sector state utilities and the senior practice of commercial management, advisorial consultancy, and implementation. He has carried out policy advisory work for government ministries and been an adviser to institutional bodies proposing changes to government. He holds an MSc Economics from the University of Surrey’s leading Economics department and an MBA from the University of Kent. Also attending the leading University in the Middle East, studying International Relations and Language, for which he won a competitive international scholarship, and has a BA (Hons) in Economic History and Political Economy from the University of Portsmouth. He is currently based in London.

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