MBC attends Globalisation Institute Summer Party

On Monday, we sallied forth into the cut and thrust of the Westminster Summer Party circuit. Our destination – the Globalisation Institute, whch held its summer reception in a rather grand London house. As Alex Singleton, Director General of GI wrote on the widely read and influential Globalisation Institute Blog:

“Last night we hosted a summer drinks party along with the (then) Shadow DFID Team at the former home of Prime Minister Gladstone, now the Foreign Press Association in London. Guests included friends and supporters of the Institute, representatives from organisations like Oxfam, CAFOD and Christian Aid, the Prime Minister’s Office, journalists like the FT’s World Trade Editor Alan Beattie, Danny Krueger of the Daily Telegraph, and so on. Andrew Mitchell MP (Shadow International Development Secretary) gave an informative and excellent speech putting the case for a Pan-African Trading Area. The speech is available here.”

“The Globalisation Institute is a think tank founded in 2005 with the aim of examining how globalisation can be harnessed to work for the world’s poorest.

We are philosophically ‘liberal’, regarding the Manchester School anti-Corn Law campaigners like Richard Cobden and John Bright as our key intellectual influences. We were officially launched at a reception at Soho House in June 2005 with speeches by Bill Emmott, Editor of the Economist, and Alan Beattie, World Trade Editor of the Financial Times.

We believe that globalisation is a force for good. Only by integrating the poorest into the world economy can we put an end to the poverty that still blights much of world today.”

We at MBC have been fortunate to have played a role in the identification and development of policy on the economically liberal wing of UK politics, for almost two decades. It is this involvement that brings a clarity and intellectual depth to our business dealings, that many of our competitors in consultancy can sometimes lack.

Of course it shouldn’t need to be said, but neverthess: the Globalisation Institute is an independent charity free from political and business allegiance

copyright Globalisation Institute.

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