British Airways strike

Much of the heat caused over the recent BA industrial dispute is caused by the fact that, thankfully, we really don’t have a culture of striking as a way of resolving business problems – to any great extent – anymore, and as such, the various players are pretty useless at their positioning.

Tony Woodley has done a good self promotional job on behalf of Unite. Charlie Whelan sounded very ineffectual on various radio interviews, but very few on either the industrial relations front, or BA cabin crew are acknowledging that if they carry on losing between £250M and £350M annually (let alone Debt of £2.4BN, and Pension Deficit (not liability, but shortfall) of £1.5BN), they will not last a very long time before Crew Staffing reduces not from 14 to 13 per long haul, but 0, whilst the aircraft temporarily sit in the hangers, waiting for the insolvency chaps to find new buyers….

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