The curse of web design

Just as we were saying, before our server connnection rudely interupted, today’s multimedia is definitely a mixed blessing. Though of course it is simply the way of the world – at 2:00 am we’re not so sure!

The flip side to this of course, is that thankfully the days where simply by being able to write meant that you occupied an elite, towering over essentially indentured labour – are long gone. Try explaining this to a typical modern 13 year old; if you don’t have your own blog on Bebo, then you’re nobody…

It is estimated that though the readership is still limited, the writers and readers of modern day Court Reports (where the Courts in question are those of mass communication and big business) are influential beyond their numbers. Again, one could say that we have a vested interest in this being the case.

Though in usage before he made it more powerfully famous, it was Douglas Hurd whose parting diplomatic mantra was to seek to “punch above your weight”. The web makes us all Heavyweights.

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